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SWAY is successful when both the employees and the management convey the following values and principles.

  • Values:

  • 1 Drive for results
  • 2 Responsibility
  • 3 Respect
  • 4 Courage
  • 5 Trust
  • SWAY is based on three principles:

  • 1 Continuous self-improvement and hypothesis testing.
  • 2 Focus on creating value for the customer.
  • 3 Ongoing interaction between sales and marketing.


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SWAY is a new sales system founded on self-organization, cross-functionality, and a value-based approach. The effectiveness of SWAY has been proven in practice: having been successfully utilized in more than 20 countries around the world. Sales volumes increase primarily due to the effectiveness of the system, creating value for the client, and a day-to-day interaction between sales and marketing. SWAY users have observed sales growth from 43% to 127% within a 12-month period. However, performance indicators are influenced by a combination of factors such as the professionalism of employ-ees and support from management.

Thus, the success of the SWAY system depends on 2 key prerequisites:

1. Active support for the implementation of SWAY is displayed by senior managers, as is their willingness to change the pro-cesses, culture, and structure of the company.

2. The professionalism of the sales and marketing specialists who are a part of the SWAY team. The SWAY system does not teach people how to sell; but sets them up for success.

SWAY - Sales with Agile - is the composite of Scrum, the principles and values from the Agile Manifesto, coaching & leadership approaches, self-organization, and years of the author's experience in sales management.


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  • What is the SWAY system.
  • How to apply SWAY to your current sales process.
  • The difficulties and risks when adopting SWAY.
  • Understanding the main difference between classic sales and Agile sales.
  • What results you can expect to achieve.

$495 per person

  • Introduction to SWAY program +
  • The foundational elements of SWAY.
  • Creating a working environment for SWAY teams.
  • Tools ro enable effective online sales and marketing teams.
  • How to prepare your online working environment for your sales and marketing teams.
  • Practical use caces for SWAY across the business (Including sales, marketing, etc.)
  • How to manage and measure remote sales teams.
  • Using the SWAY Canvas.

$895 per person

  • Introduction to SWAY Program +
  • Basic SWAY Program +
  • SWAY system tools and techniques in practice. You will learn how to transform your sales process (in a time of crisis).
  • Tools and techniques for effective remote collaboration within your team and with other departments.
  • How to motivation and measure (KPI's) Agile sales teams.
  • Analysis of multiple industry case-studies.
  • Ubderstand common mistakes and difficulties.
  • Effective change management - what are the steps to ensure the the success of the change initiative.

Throughout this course, you will use examples from your company and develop a transformation plan for your teams.
Bring your real challenges and together we will create an action plan for the next 3-months.

$1,295 per person

  • Introduction to SWAY Program +
  • Basic SWAY Program +
  • Certified SWAY Practitioner Program +

Marina Alex will provide hands on mentoring for your sales teams during the challenging time for your teams. After the workshop, Marina will attend all SWAY meetings and provide guidance and insights on your journey.

$1,995 per person


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A great opportunity to obtain tools, techniques and knowledge about SWAY (Sales with Agile).



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Marina Alex

Creator of SWAY, Business Agility Coach and Agile Sales Expert

As an entrepreneur, management consultant, and agile coach, Marina pioneered the practice of Agile Sales and specialises in building sustainable and robust agile organisations. She is an accomplished sales executive and, over time, has learnt what it means to be a true servant leader to sales teams. Under her guidance, her teams regularly outperform all other teams, exceed their sales targets, and enjoy coming to work.

Marina’s extensive sales background gives her a unique understanding of how business works – allowing her to uniquely solve complex cultural and business problems. During this time, she has launched more than 170 agile teams and coached more than 50 top-executives. Marina is the author of SWAY (Sales with Agile) which helps many sales teams across the world today.


Marina Alex